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The North Carolina Literary Review is seeking submissions on “Teaching North Carolina Literature.” North Carolina Humanities has awarded NCLR a Community Research Grant, funding from which will pay honoraria to the creators of submissions accepted for publication. Complete submissions are due by August 15. Submissions may be related to teaching in K-12 or post-secondary education and might take a variety of forms, including but not limited to a pedagogical essay, a unit or lesson plan, an assignment, or a digital repository of materials related to teaching the work of a (or works by) North Carolina writer(s). Early submissions and proposals are welcome, with the option of receiving revision feedback if submitted by July 1. Find submission instructions on the NCLR website:

Essay submissions accepted for publication will appear in NCLR’s open access online issues. Other content—lesson plans and digital projects—will be promoted via NCLR Online and archived in or linked through NCLR’s website, the goal being to make this material widely and easily accessible to teachers. Creators of these submissions will receive $200 to $400. And if the submission employs NCLR, we  will provide enough copies of that issue for a class (if available).

NCLR is an award-winning publication produced at East Carolina University. Its central mission is to preserve and promote the state’s rich literary tradition. Queries and proposals concerning submissions for this project may be emailed to the editor, Margaret Bauer ( NCLR will be collaborating on this project with Carolina K-12.

This project is supported in part by North Carolina Humanities, the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. 

DEADLINE AUGUST 31, 2022.  We welcome interviews with Native American writers of North Carolina and literary criticism on their work for the 2023 special feature section, guest edited by Kirstin L. Squint.

Fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction must be submitted through our competitions, NOT in this category. Those submission categories will be available for submission when each reading period is open. For more information, see NCLR's full submission guidelines.

Submissions on a neglected, forgotten, or overlooked writer will be considered for NCLR's John Ehle Prize, sponsored by Press 53.

Submissions on a new writer will be considered for NCLR's new Randall Kenan Prize, sponsored by the Creative Writing program at UNC Chapel Hill.

Please consult the Author Style Sheet before submitting to this category.   

Email queries and/or proposals (not required) to Guest Editor Kirstin Squint:

You are welcome to submit on topics we have already covered in past issues. We consider interviews, literary criticism, and one-act plays for our Flashbacks section. (poetry, fiction, and any form of creative nonfiction must be submitted through our competitions. For more information, see NCLR's full submission guidelines.)
Please consult the author style sheet before submitting your manuscript.
Email queries regarding such submissions to the Editor at

  We are always interested in interviews with North Carolina writers and literary criticism that introduces a new NC writer or that reintroduces a forgotten NC writer. One-act plays (by a NC playwright or set in NC) may also be submitted in this category. (Creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry must be submitted through our competitions. For more information, see NCLR's full submission guidelines.) 

   Before submitting, consult the Author Style Sheet.
  Email queries to the Editor.

Submissions accepted for publication may be eligble for the John Ehle Prize or the Randall Kenan Prize. Find information about these honors in our submission guidelines.


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